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The Athena is offered in both a Single Swing option or a Bi-Parting Swing option. This gate is 5'2" high. The picture in the gate layout below illustrates the Athena Bi-Parting gate along with an Athena Ped Gate. Telluride fence panels can be used  to compliment the Athena gate styles. 
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Athena Single Swing Gate Automated
Athena Bi Parting Gate Automated

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Gate Colours

Not all finishes are created equal. At Amazing Gates we use the industry's toughest and most durable chemically bonded finishes.

First, each hand-forged steel gate and fence frame is sand blasted or pickled. Next, the frame undergoes a series of treatments resulting in a durable Hot Dipped Galvanized undercoat. The Powder Coat Colour is then applied to the gate and baked on in high heat for a corrosion-resistant finish. The Hot Dipped Galvanized undercoat provides the most complete protection in corrosive environments.

We do not stock finished gates and fences in all colours, styles, and size combinations at all times. Some colour (non-black) gates may require several weeks before shipment. Please call early and plan your project accordingly.

 Colours may display differently than the actual colour on various computer screens. 

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